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Aromatherapy + Flowers:
Your new secret weapon

It’s no secret, flowers make you happy.

And It’s not just because they’re beautiful, or because you invested in yourself when you bought them. It’s science.

Okay, so, Aromatherapy.
Most commonly used to describe and sell the Essential Oils of the world, but guess what? Your flowers have the same superpowers as those $40 bottles of oil. (We still love you, EO world, but we need to give our flowers a #moment!)

It’s not just psychological, it’s emotional, and shall we say…. something spiritual, to bless yourself with flowers regularly. But it is true, that flowers affect our physical bodies. They trigger one of our five senses that carry us through life; our sense of smell. Going unnoticed all too often; floral fragrance has some serious effects on your emotional, mental and physical bodies and should be well respected. Their aroma releases us from stress, helps lower blood pressure, eases anxiety, can help ease depressive symptoms, and causes mood stability and can even cause you to have good dreams.

Ah, if only our therapist could write us a prescription…

Check out these other facts:


”It’s thought that the significant effects of smell on the brain are a relic of the life-and-death importance that smell had for early man. Those smell cells in the nose are linked to the limbic system - which in evolutionary terms is among the oldest parts of the brain - which governs emotions, behaviour and long-term memory.”

- Roger Dobson, How smell affects your body and mind,


As research is increasingly showing, smells can impact on almost everything, from dreams and emotions, driving, stress and gambling, to pain, concentration, memory and romance. While a whiff of lavender releases feel-good hormones and makes us happier, the scent of roses lowers blood pressure and a hint of eucalyptus improves alertness.

-Roger Dobson, How smell affects your body and mind,


Better Sleep!

Smelling flowers before sleep can lead to more positive dreams. In research at the Sleep Disorders Centre of the University of Heidelberg, men and women were exposed to either the smell of flowers or hydrogen sulphide, or to no smell at all. Results show that the emotional content of subsequent dreams was linked to the smell. Those who had the pleasant smell had significantly more pleasant dreams than those who had no smell and the people exposed to the sulphur smell had the most negative dreams. Researchers are now looking at whether pleasant smells could reduce the risk of nightmares.

- Roger Dobson, How smell affects your body and mind,


Lavender, vanilla, coffee and roses can each help. Clinical trials have shown that the smell of lavender can help in insomnia, anxiety, stress, and post-operative pain, according to a report from Maryland University. "There is now scientific evidence to suggest that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders," say the researchers.

- Roger Dobson, How smell affects your body and mind,


Fun Fact!

Rose: A potent stress reducer, this familiar scent brings about a feeling of harmony, eases depression, quells anger, and helps in dealing with feelings of grief, fear, and nervousness. May also be used to boost self-esteem. Blends well with geranium and jasmine.

- Liz Thompson,, 13 Floral Essential Oils to Make You Feel So, So Good


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