Colors + Vibes to keep you cool this S/S2019

🔥 A visual guide to what’s fresh & cool.

Trend: general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Spring brings one of the more gentle seasonal changes during each year. As we venture outside, there is still a bit of chill in the air and the ground. The sun warms up the day and we find ourselves ready to take on something new.

At Petalfox, we find so much joy in curating flowers for you each week. We try to stay abreast of what we’re seeing in our social feeds - fashion, decor, plant & flower varieties - so we can keep your stems on trend. We’re also here to be a guide for what we see coming next, tapping into our instincts to give you a sneak peek at what we think you’ll see next.

This season is all about the way that we feel - digging a little bit deeper into self-care routines and thinking about that way that personal care makes us feel. Flowers give us all the feels. We are inspired to get outside and look up at the sky. Our romantic and dreamy photography gives us a sense of nostalgia and memory as we take a little look back before we move forward.

As spring warms us up for summer, here are the colors and images that we feel inspired by this season that we call “Late Spring / Early Summer”.

Petalfox palette : Spring / Summer 2019

Mauves, Corals, Peach, Pink

Sand, Mustards, Sunflower

Seafoam, Soft Blue, Aqua

✨ Up Next:
This season we’re soaking in the magic of summer romance. Corals, light peach, sandy caramels and muted mustangs. We are dipping in the cool seafoam greens, the dewy muted blues, and some soft notes of grays in between.


Cotton Candy Car
Dress on the beach
City sunset
Roses and bedsheets

Girl on the dock
Pink waves
Gold succulents
Yellow flower smiles
Stacked record players

Lovers swimming
Sandy handstands
Dazed on the shore
Shallow swim


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