Celebrating Motherhood

Word to Our Mothers All Our Mothers.  

To be a mom means to be a lot of things. They’re our stylist, our doctor, our nutritionist, our protector… the list goes on and on.

And today, we realize that “Mom” goes by many different names: Mom, Ma’, Mommy, but also Grandma, Aunt, Sister and even Dad. Motherhood is all around us because motherhood is a lot of things. It’s giving birth, but it’s also raising and supporting. It’s selfless, unconditional love.

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Whoever “mom” is to you, they’re the ones that:

  • Listened to the same story with the same level of excitement... even after the 10th time.

  • Taught you beauty comes from within... but still helped you pick out the perfect lipstick.

  • Watched every game, recital or play… and drove you to and from.

  • Are always just a phone call away… even if it’s in the middle of the night.

  • Laughed with you, cried with you… and then brought out the ice cream.

  • Promised you everything was going to be okay... then always made sure it was.

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So as we get ready for Mother’s Day, we want to make sure we all remember to thank our moms, all our moms — whoever that person may be to you. Because without them, we wouldn’t be here… and without them, we wouldn’t be us.

credit:  more.com

credit: more.com

And remember, no matter who you choose to celebrate today and how you choose to celebrate them, there’s no one way. Because to be a “Mother” is the hardest, most honorable job there is, and there isn’t always just one person for that job. So we thank you, all of you.

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Happy Mother’s Day to moms of every kind, we’d be lost without you.

credit:  barefootblonde

From us, to you.


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