Paint Flowers With Watercolor

You’re a work of art.

There’s this quote that goes something like:

“She never looked nice.

She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice;

It was supposed to make you feel something.”

We feel that. We really feel that.

Creativity comes in many different forms. There’s the musician, the painter, the chef, the DIY-er, just to name a few…

And then there’s the people who claim they don’t have an artistic bone in their body. Well, we can’t sit back and accept that because art is a beautiful thing, in all its many forms. And as much as people believe art is for the artistically talented, art is for whoever’s looking to feel something.

So, we have just the thing to calm your mind and give you that little piece of creative freedom your life might be missing, and it’s called watercolor paint.

On a scale of one to relaxation, we rate this a must-do. You only need a few things:

  • A glass of water

  • Paint palette

  • Paint brushes

  • Paper, or the canvas of your choosing

And if you’re feeling it, a glass of wine… we’ve talked to many artists and 10/10 say wine helps get the creative juices flowing (just saying).

With summer around the corner, unwind & do your thing. You can watercolor paint in the park, on the beach, or on your porch… the world’s your canvas.

If you’re looking for a little inspo before you get started, check out Nan Rae who will make you want to pick up a brush and get painting immediately.

And, you must check out our favorite watercolor paintings below…  spoiler alert, they’re all flowers, hehe.

Inside tip: If you’re not feeling like free-handing, grab a coloring/painting book and get started on filling in the pre-drawn designs. Easy peasy.

Our Watercolor Faves:

Watercolor 1.jpg
  1. Mixed Bouquet / Credit: DuneStudio

Watercolor 2.jpg

2. Yellow Poppies / Credit: EveryDayShenanigans

Watercolor 3 .jpg

3. Peony Flower / Credit: Wayfair

Watercolor 4.jpg

4. Painting Flowers / Credit: rachelart

Watercolor 5.jpg

5. Purple Freehand Flowers / Credit: Karin Lauria

Watercolor 6.jpg

6. All the flowers! / Credit: pantone

Watercolor 7.jpg

7. Yellow Daisies / Credit: @ohn_mar_win

Watercolor 8.jpg

8. Watered Down Anemones / Credit:

Watercolor 9.jpg

9. Blues that wont make you blue. / Credit: vikkichu

Watercolor 10.jpg

10. I see petals. / Credit: @polina.bright

Watercolor 11.jpg

11. Open up. / Credit: Unknown Artist

Watercolor 12.jpg

12. Cherry hangs / Credit: Joanna Szmerdt

Watercolor 13.jpg

13. Muted purples and blues / Credit: buzz16

Watercolor 14.jpg

14. Paint, then draw! / Credit: @ohn_mar_win

Watercolor 15.jpg

15. Sweet stem / Credit: @rustemgurler

Watercolor 16.jpg

16. Loose Stems / Credit: Shealeen Louise

Watercolor 17.jpg

17. Dainty and delicate  / Credit: @pissaro_tattoo

Watercolor 18.jpg

18. I am made of beauty / Credit: Tatyanallieva

Watercolor 20.jpg

19. Start with the basics / Credit: Debi Riley

Petalfoxes, what do you think?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!


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