Flowers According to Your Zodiac Sign


Would you believe it if we told you that there are some people who don’t believe in astrology?

They think it’s all a bunch of fruity-tooty, mumbo-jumbo. If you’re one of those people, we still consider you a Fox, but also, listen up.

Ever heard of Albert Einstein? You know the guy that developed the theory of relativity... you know that silly, little explanation about time, space, gravity and the universe…

Well, Albert Einstein was a big believer in astrology.

He said that:

 “We are slowed down sound and light waves,

a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos.

We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments

and our bodies are the instruments

through which our souls play their music.”

Albert Einstein, a true, poetic-genius, among other things, but what he said makes sense as to why astrology influences human actions.

Believe it or not, the sun, moon, earth, water and planetary alignments and movements affect our daily lives. Astrology has been making sense of why we are the way we are for quite some time.

There is so much to discover about ourselves when it comes to the universe, but we won’t go that deep with you… right now anyways. We thought we’d start small, see what your zodiac sign could mean for your favorite flower.

We know you’re interested, keep reading to find out.

 (All zodiac sign art by the ever talented@ktsmail!)


3.21 - 4.19
Fire sign
Confident, fierce, dynamic and energetic.

Birth Sign Flower: Honeysuckle

Other flowers to pair with Aries: tulips, red roses, amaryllis, cactus


4.20 - 5.20
Earth sign
Warmhearted, romantic, headstrong, and pleasure-seeking.

Birth Sign Flower: Poppy / Rose / Foxglove

Other flowers to pair with Taurus: lavender, lilac, aster, lily of the valley, dianthus.


5.21 - 6.20
Air Sign
Adaptable, lively, creative, and expressive.

Birth Sign Flower: Lavender / Lily of the Valley

Other flowers to pair with Gemini: ranunculus, acacia, daffodils, solidago.


6.21 - 7.22
Water Sign
Perceptive, warm, sympathetic, intuitive.

Birth Sign Flower: Rose / White Flowers

Other flowers to pair with Cancer: delphinium, hydrangea, iris, morning glories, geraniums, lilies.


6.23 - 8.22
Fire Sign
Confident, faithful, tenderhearted, intellectual.

Birth Sign Flower: Marigold, Sunflower

Other flowers to pair with Leo: dahlia, gerbera daisy, safflower.


8.23 - 9.22
Earth Sign
Diligent, thoughtful, wise, understanding.

Birth Sign Flower: Bright + Small Flowers

Other flowers to pair with Virgo: chrysanthemum, violet, ivy, hypericum, veronica, thistle, cherry blossom.


9.23 - 10.22
Air Sign
Desirable, harmonious, charming, kind.

Birth Sign Flower: Bluebells / Large Rose Flowers

Other flowers to pair with Libra: hydrangea, tea roses, freesia, orchid, gardenia rose, daisy.


10.23 - 11.21
Water Sign
Honest, helpful, serious, active.

Birth Sign Flower: Dark Red Flowers

Other flowers to pair with Scorpio: peony, amaranthus, hibiscus, anthurium, venus fly traps, anemones.  


11.22 - 12.21
Fire Sign
Powerful, energetic, open-minded, ambitious.

Birth Sign Flower: Carnation

Other flowers to pair with Sagittarius: narcissus, eustoma, liatris, crocus, muscari.


12.22 - 1.19
Earth Sign
Disciplined, strong-willed, orderly, dependable.

Birth Sign Flower: Pansy / Ivy

Other flowers to pair with Capricorn: african violet, holly, ivy, philodendron, statice, jasmine.


1.20 - 2.18
Air Sign
Curious, autonomous, committed, optimistic.

Birth Sign Flower: Orchid

Other flowers to pair with Aquarius: protea, bird of paradise, eryngium, arum lily, yucca.  


2.19 - 2.20
Water Sign
Perceptive, compassionate, affectionate, instinctive.

Birth Sign Flower: Water Lily

Other flowers to pair with Pisces: lilac, madonna lily, jasmine.

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All zodiac sign art by the ever talented @ktsmail!

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