Spring / Summer Flower Trends


After months (and months and months) of hibernation mode, it’s time to come alive and bring back our favorites for the sun-shiney days ahead, because the best time of year is here. It’s not still spring, and it’s not yet summer, it’s springtime summer. A time where it’s not too hot, and not too cold. The days aren’t too long, and the nights aren’t too short — everything is just right.

We know, it’s a bold move to name the time between spring and summer, but we had to make it official because this season is marked by timeless favorites and it’s only right it gets remembered.

Our closets are full of white pants, flowy dresses & jean jackets. The coffee shop and café tables are covered in vibrant, flower-filled vases and plants. And our fridges are stocked with the freshest fruits and veggies.

But most importantly, this time of year is marked by the season’s most popular flowers.

Oh yes, they’re back and they’re ready to make way into your homes (and hearts) this springtime summer.

Keep reading if you’re interested in shaking up your arrangements and need a little reminder for which blooms are to come:


Need we say more? Okay, okay… soft, ruffled petals, peonies are like the down comforter of the flower world. They never disappoint and always give off an effortlessly undone, gorgeous look.


Can you say eye-catching and exotic? There are 150 varieties, but most common are: King Proteas, Queen Proteas and Pin Cushion Proteas. Trust us, pick any type, you can’t go wrong.

Parrot Tulips

The perfect somethin’, somethin’ to any arrangement. Parrot tulips are the wild side of the standard tulip. They come in an assortment of shades and bloom so beautifully.


Pronounced: HI-UH-SINTH

Crushworthy and we’ve fallen hard! Add endless texture and body to your arrangement. And oh that smell, their sweet, sweet smell.


Pronounced: LIZ-E-AN-THIS

Easy on the eyes is an understatement. These rose-like beauties are striking and versatile, perfect for any space.  

Petalfoxes, what do you think?

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