How To Convince Your Boss To Buy You Flowers

The Ultimate Power Move

Flower move or power move? Nevermind, that’s not important, but this is:

You work hard at your job! You go above and beyond, you’re always doing your best. And not only that but, your nails are done, you rock that lipstick, and you even keep the sticky-roller for your blazer in your purse!

You’re a rockstar and you deserve to be rewarded.

*Whispers to self: “I’m a rockstar and I deserve to be rewarded.”*

Don’t worry, companies are all realizing that the way to keep their work environments going strong is to take care of their people! Stocked fridge, cold brew on tap, upbeat office music and the occasional catered lunch don’t go unnoticed and are all greatly appreciated. Thank you work for acknowledging the work I do for you.

But, it’s still okay to ask for more… we swear, it is.

*Whispers to self: “It’s still okay to ask for more.”*

It’s okay to ask for more because you know what? The more you feel appreciated, the harder you’ll work for a company that you trust and believe in. It’s a simple psychological principle: You give what you get.

So what are you thinking? What are you missing in your work life? We have an idea…

What if you could convince your boss to buy you flowers… every week.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into your place after a long day at the office and catch the vase of flowers sitting there on your kitchen table in all their glory? We think you should start your work day like that too.

If you think so too, this is what you can do:

  • Talk with your boss. Don’t be nervous, bosses are people too & everyone loves flowers.

  • Show her Petalfox and explain that our specialty is making Girlbosses’ day, everyday.  

  • Introduce her to us on IG or email, we can do the talking… we’ve been told we’re very persuasive ;)

  • Keep working hard, following your dreams, and looking good while doing it!

You've got this! Share your Petalfox pictures at your office with us using the #petalfox hashtag!

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