Next Stop: Your New Summer Escape

Be One With Nature

Summer’s filled with beach days, hikes and the annual camping (glamping) trip. But we’ve got something else in mind for how you should be spending your bright, sun-shiney days and we think you’re really, really going to like it.

Spend your weekend with an escape to a flower farm, floral observatory or botanical garden.  Flowers in a vase is always a crowd pleaser, but this is something bit different for you. We’re taking you back to the roots, the ground, the vine, the blooming bushes… all the places flowers grow — and grow in abundance.

We’re talking fields and fields of endless beauties. It’s the escape of your summer daydreams. Walk through the farms, admire, smell, and bask in the beauty of countless floral varieties.

And do not, we repeat do not, leave your phones in the car… you’re going to want your camera for this one. And yes, dress cute, but wear comfortable shoes.

It’s safe to say you can update your bio to “Flower Farm Enthusiast,” because once you’ve seen one, you won’t stop until you see them all.

You’re probably a thinking a place like this is too good to be true, that it can’t exist.

Well, because a picture’s worth a thousand words here you go:

Flourish Flower Farm/  GalMeetsGlam

Flourish Flower Farm/ GalMeetsGlam

Flourish Flower Farm /  GalMeetsGlam

Flourish Flower Farm / GalMeetsGlam

Dahlia Farm /  @ceciliaproskauer

Dahlia Farm / @ceciliaproskauer

Flouret Farm/  ChronicleBooks

Flouret Farm/ ChronicleBooks

Flower Harvest by Elizabeth Cecil /  EdibleVineyard

Flower Harvest by Elizabeth Cecil / EdibleVineyard

Flouret Flower Farm /  CountryLiving

Flouret Flower Farm / CountryLiving

Petalfoxes, what do you think?

Share your thoughts and where you might go!


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