Self Care Vs. The Hustle

Because You Need This, Too.

Have a social life, a love life, follow your career goals, & don’t forget about your health.

Find your purpose, follow your dreams, pay your bills, but buy the shoes & don’t forget, be happy.

Oh wow, are you tired? We’re tired.

Scrolling through *all the things* lately can have you spinning. One second it’s all “Self Care Must Do’s” and then it’s “How To Hustle For Your Dreams.” We start to ask ourselves, “can anyone ever really have it all?”

In a world of grinding and grounding, it’s difficult to navigate how to just live.


And then the “B” word gets thrown around, and we just want to lose it… “find your BALANCEEE,” they say.

What is this balance you speak of? 😂

But it’s real…  balance. We hate the word. It used to make us clench our fists too. We used to wonder if balance was a myth, like aliens or mermaids, this thing that everyone always talks about, but no one has ever seen?

But balance is real (aliens and mermaids are too).

And we all need it, we need to find the balance.

So, here are 3 little pieces of wisdom to remind yourself of on the daily… and once you get these down, the balance will come… we promise.  


1. What’s your heart telling you?

Follow your instincts. You know you best. You know when you can push, and you know when you need a break. Pay attention to your internal emotions and external responses. Trust yourself, girl.


2. Slow Down.

Repeat after us: “It will all get done, it always gets done.” There are only so many hours in a day, and so much power you can give mentally. Make a list so you don’t forget the important things, but take a moment and congratulate yourself for crossing something off your list. Yes, even something as simple as remembering to pay that parking ticket.


3. Trust the Process

Have you ever thought about how far you’ve come already? There was a time you were dreaming of the things you have now. Didn’t get that dream job you were dying for? Did the guy you were really into ghost you? Remember, what’s for you, will not pass you.


We’ll end on this note:

If no one’s told you lately, you got this.
You will accomplish all your dreams & you rock— keep doing your thing.

From us, to you.


Petalfox 🌷🦊


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