18 Romantic Flower Shops Around The World

Flowers & Travel… An Unbeatable Combination

We’ve got a serious case of wanderlust — and you’re about to, too.

Disclaimer: this is NSFW so if you need to be focused right now… eh, forget it this is better. But don’t say we didn’t warn you, because one scroll and you’re going to be cashing in on those vacation days and booking a direct flight to one of these spots ASAP.

Flowers — they smell pretty, they look pretty, they make you feel pretty… flowers make everything better… especially a beautiful place.

Moyses Stevens , London, England

Moyses Stevens, London, England

Is it just us or do you always notice the flowers while you’re on one of your getaways? What’s dreamier than a vessel of roses on the side of cobblestone street? A paper wrapped bouquet? A small shop, in a foreign town with cascading buckets of beauty? There’s nothing better than sitting in a place you’ve never been before surrounded by blooms. Maybe there’s a cheese board in front of you… a glass of bubbly?

Okay, okay, come back down to earth...

Too late, we want a macaroon and a latte NOW.

Alright, before you tune back into reality we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful, most romantic, flower shops from around the world. Take a peak!

Safe Travels!

Shops Around The World 16.jpg
  1. Firori e Colori / Tuscany, Italy

Shops Around The World 3.jpg

2. Petit Jardin en Ville / Philadelphia, PA

Shops Around The World 4.jpg

3. Florista / Malmo, Sweden

Shops Around The World 6.jpg

4. Floral Magic / Singapore

Shops Around The World 7.jpg

5. Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart / London, United Kingdom

Shops Around The World 8.jpg

6. Fleurop / Vienna, Austria

Shops Around The World 9.jpg

7. Mireille / Saignon, Provence

Shops Around The World 10.jpg

8. The Unlikely Florist / Venice, California

Shops Around The World 13.jpg

9. Chez Michèle / South Bank, London

Shops Around The World 14.jpg

10. Pulteney Bridge Flowers / Bath, United Kingdom

Shops Around The World 15.jpg

11. Bleuet Coquelicot / Paris, France

Shops Around The World 18.jpg

12. Salon des Fleurs / Madrid, Spain

Shops Around The World 19.jpg

13. Floral J.J. Humblot / Annecy, France

Shops Around The World 20.jpg

14. Pequeno Jardim /Lisbon, Portugal

Shops Around The World 21.jpg

15. Fleuriste / Unknown Location! 😉 A true hidden treasure.

Shops Around The World 22.jpg

16. Flowers.fr / Paris, France

Shops Around The World 24.jpg

17. La Guinguette d’Angèle / Paris, France

Shops Around The World 28.jpg

18. Myrtle & Mint / Ipswich, Suffolk

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