Repurpose your desk-side Petalfox petals over the weekend!

Play with your flowers!

You peel open your [Petalfox] inky blue box and gasp - they’re here! Your bouquet has arrived and is lovelier than ever. You unclip your arrangement and place it in it’s new home in your werkspace.


Petalfox flowers are designed to add a moment of zen to your everyday hustle. While they may arrive in your mailroom or home office, what happens at the end of your week? Do you leave your buds or bring them with you?!

To achieve #TheBestLife for your petaled posy’s - we encourage you to grab and go! For inspo on how to get the most out of your buds…..keep scrolling!

1. Bedside!

It’s the weekend, baby! Wake up to some sweet smelling blooms.

Photo’s from innerdecor, hemingwayandhepburn, mcgeeandco

Weekends are meant for lounging around and staying in bed longer than you’re supposed to! Bring your bouquet bedside for an extra boost of soft-and-lovely.

2. Table top mini’s

Amp up the “chic” factor in your house for a night-in with friends #winenight!

Photo’s from stylemepretty, littlegreennotebook, marthastewart

Hosting a get together? As you’re bumping and scooting things around to make it look like nobody lives in your spotless pad, place your flowers in mini cups and vases for bit of added pizzaz. Your table will instantly go from “nice” to “ooohhhh” 😍 in seconds.

3. Get ready with blooms

Going out? Bring your petals sink-side and add some drama to your [hair]do.

Photo’s from, barefootblondehair, therighthairstyles

Instead of watching a makeup tutorial for color inspiration for your night on the town, use your Petalfox bouquet! We design each week with the latest colors and trends in mind. Pull out your favorite bloom or greens and add them to your hair for a special touch. Bobby pins and hair spray do just the trick to hold them into place!

4. Photo prop!

Getting #content for the ‘gram? Add some sugar and spice with your Petalfox bouquet as a prop!

Photo’s by Camille.elena, Pinterest, coolnicegirl

Adding a bouquet will help with the whole “I dont know what to do with my hands!” element ~

Additionally just looking great, and giving off a colorful pop of beauty. Flowers are meant to be captured, anyways. Make sure to tag us when you do! #petalfox

5. Petal - It - Forward

Re-craft your flowers and bring them to your friend or family’s house as a mini-bouq.

Learn how to re-wrap your arrangement into a mini bouquet with this article from

By Friday or Saturday some of your flower varieties may be on their way out, while others may just be opening. And some buds will dry out nicely - maintaining their color and shape for a while. Collect your still-kickin’ blooms, tie them up with some string, and bring them as a small favor to your dinner party.

And don’t worry - your next arrangement is on it’s way soon!

Wherever your blooms go, snap a #Petalfox selfie and tag us! We can’t wait to see! ☺️

All our best,

- Petalfox 🌷🦊


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