Flower Care


DIY Flower care

Keeping Flowers Fresh

Ensure the longest possible vase life by following some of these helpful tips!

  1. Add a bit of sugar to your water. This will feed the flowers.

  2. Add vinegar to your water to reduce bacteria. You can also add bleach but this isn't eco-friendly.

  3. Cut your stems at 45 degrees to create more surface area for the flowers to drink.

  4. Heat will cause flowers to fade quicker. Keep in a cool space away from sunlight.

  5. Remove leaves. This will allow all of the water and nutrients to go directly to the blooms.

  6. For flowers with thicker stems you can place cut stems in boiling water for 5-10 seconds to open up them up. Then place in warm water.

  7. Change water daily or every other day.

  8. Don't recut wintergreen or stems that produce sap. The sap will make the water murky sooner.

  9. Trim stems every 2 to 3 days with sharp pruners.

  10. Keep flowers away from fruit. Most fruit emits a gas that will kill the flower. To read more about this, visit this link from Grower Direct.

We also enjoyed this article from The Seattle Times on "How to give cut flowers maximum vase life".


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