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As you’re scrolling through your instagram feed, what is it that compels you to share a post from someone you follow? An image catches our eye and perhaps a memory is triggered or an LOL moment happens that we can’t experience alone and we hit the little paper airplane, select a recipient and send it along to brighten someone’s day.

We love curating these images into our feed and celebrating the artists that create them. We’re always looking for content that inspires, motivates or brings a smile to our face. Along with flowers, art is a powerful form of visual therapy. So take a deep breath and discover a few new artists and their werk.

Take a look and give them a follow. 💘

Sanaa-K art

Sanaa creates the most relatable and crush-worthy images of women in the real world! We can not get enough of her work. From ladies drinking lattes, to texting and walking, even our fav - dancing on the inside but looking straight-faced on the outside! Lovin’ it.

Kate Edling art

Kate captures the coolest of cool vibes in her images. Our favorite rising trend is mixed media art. We love how she adds flowers and well-styled women all together, talk about a TREND. Her art is whimsical, chic and playful. We basically want to be the woman in each of these pics!

Nicholle Kobi art

A mix of sexy, cool and totally relatable, Nicholle creates images that feel so fun to look at! From working at the office, to working from home, we found a piece of our lives in these as well. Talk about the #laptop life, girl, we feel you. Check her out!

Mr. Flower Fantastic art

We. Can not. Handle. How much we love these images! Absolute genius art with these flowers creating hilarious items and emojis. Specializing in shoes most recently, Mr. Flower Fantastic is a magician with his floral designs. We need a fox, right?! 🤔

+ More!

Art by: Whitney Lee Bell - Lindsey Pruitt - Minna So - Kiki Castel Landon

(In order from left to right)

We love featuring artists on our page! Here are images from some of the many types of artists that we love to follow. ☺️


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