Reset + Re-Inspire

Things to do while you’re getting ready for the New Year.

With the new year approaching we are anticipating all the New Year’s resolutions. To set ourselves up for success and a positive reset, we like diving into inspiring and nurturing content for our minds. A great way to get yourself prepared for new things, for transitions, and for goal-setting and goal-getting is listening to podcasts!

Podcasts are the obvious trend, but with all the options available, it can be difficult to find the right ones!

We decided to share our secrets, the juice behind our motivation, the soundtrack to our morning drives. The voices creeping into our mind as we make decisions, wondering what Gary Vee or Guy Raz would say…

We’ve narrowed a few of our favorites down for you.

We hope your weekend and New Year’s experience is refreshing and enlightening! ✨

In no particular order, here are our favorites:

If you don’t know about The Wing, you need to know right now.
First, look them up.
The Wing is a women-only coworking club, with one hundred other benefits. It’s the coolest and we have the biggest crush. 💘

No Man’s Land is the podcast launched by The Wing just this November! So get on board and be one of the first of your friends to know. They are sharing history of women 📚 that’s been hush-hush for too long.

Best for: entertainment + learning.

We’ve shared about How I Built This 🛠 a dozen times if you’ve been following us for a while. We cannot apologize! It’s one of the very best. We shared one of our favorite episodes where Emily Weiss discusses her rising beauty brand, Glossier. 💄

Guy Raz interviews founders of successful companies. Hearing stories about failure, success, round-about rising from the ashes, problem solving, and all the ventures in the start up business. We love hearing from the CEO’s, the inventors, the hustlers.

Best for: learning, inspiration, business

All hail TED talks. 🙌🏼
There are many TED podcasts to follow, but for something a little different, we thought TED Radio Hour deserved the spotlight!
Taking a break from business, TED Radio Hour has a variety of topics discussed. The coolest part, is that for each topic, they blend together 3 - 4 different speakers opinions about that topic. SO cool hearing the most important pieces and a curation of perspectives.

Here, we picked out the topic of Courage for you. 😘

Best for: self care, learning, entertainment

Gary Vaynerchuck - is there anything he cannot say?
Gary is a wizard at business, trends and all things quick-decisions-in-business.
His podcast is filled with interviews, live chats, phone calls, quick decisions and Gary-isms. 🙇🏻‍♂️

If you need a buzz but don’t want to drink caffeine, 🧠☕️ listen to Gary. He is the ultimate pump up for your brain and business. Happy listening! (Warning: This is explicit, be mindful where you’re listening)

Best for: business, inspiration, ideas

Another major crush-alert. ⚡️ Girlboss! Sophia Amoruso! Female leadership and transformative information - what more could you need?

These podcasts are for the girl-power-obsessed 💥 All the Founders, CEO’s, Editors, and rising projects and brands. It’s like social media feed for your ears and imagination. Listen, lean, laugh and make new friends (in your head…)

Best for: inspiration, ideas, learning

Kara Swisher dives right in with all the politicians, celebrities, tech execs and so many others with her perfectly crafted conversation. 🎙
Being the diligent journalist she is, she brings out the most important pieces of all the most important topics. She’s creating conversation you didn’t even know you wanted to have.
Listen and learn! 📖

Best for: ideas, deeper thinking, enterainment

If you need the daily pick up from someone who will shoot it straight for you, and fill you with positivity ☀️ at the same time, Rachel Hollis is your girl.
Rachel is a practice in from nothing-to-something, she built a media company and now runs a family of 6 and her company with her husband. She shares all the tricks at hustling, 📱being honest with yourself, and interviews the brightest and hardest hustlers.

Best for: inspiration, self help, business

All our best foxes! Happy listening and get some well needed rest.


Petalfox 🌷🦊