✨BTS ✨ 📷 of our SouthBay 'Zine feature!

Behind The Scenes of our #CEO + #COO Photoshoot

with Lauren Pressy and Eliza Krpoyan

We are honored to be featured in this month’s issue of Southbay Magazine! Filled with some of the most interesting people, places and businesses, Southbay Mag features all the best of the best when it comes to southern California’s most coveted stories.

Southbay Mag

Thankful for the heartfelt and candid writing of Eliza Krpoyan, a freelance author extraordinaire and now good friend of Petalfox, our story of changing the industry and exploring selfcare was shared all across southern California and peppered throughout the web.

We were lucky enough to spend a few hours with Eliza and Lauren Pressey (master photographer📸) pursuing the perfect photo for our feature. We captured some behind the scenes footage to give you a closer look at the morning! Check it out below and pop over to the link at the end to see the feature online.

Thanks for all the love and support, Petalfoxes!

Getting Ready 👠

Cue the neutrals and clean colors for a feminine boss babe vibe!
We paired blazers and denim, heels and hats.
Eliza helped give style advice on wardrobe patterns and hues.

2. Let the shoot begin!

And so the shoot begins! A cool breeze made for a brisk SoCal December morning.
We had our first series of shots in front of a very coveted pink garage near our office!
Lauren had us in all the best poses, from yoga, to arm-in-arm.

So fun!

From the article:

In a time of virtual reality, multiple screens and AI, a sense of healing comes from green materials. “You’re torn—you like technology, but sometimes you just want to go on a hike, run in the woods or pick flowers,” explains Rhenee Bartlett, co-founder and COO of flower subscription company PetalFox. Gesturing like she’s touching a tangible item, founder and CEO Kelly Nyland adds, “What can you get your hands on that’s not screen-related?”

3. Candid Moments Make The World Go ‘Round

At 10AM you don’t have to worry about traffic in the alley - but of course we couldn’t avoid it all! These drivers made us laugh our way through. Are we living the #influencer life yet?!

4. Gabbin’

Lauren asked Kelly and Rhenee fun questions to bring forward their personalities and create candid moments. It was a great way to capture their authenticity and passion!

From the article:

After working in corporate environments, Kelly—a mom and executive in technology for the past 15 years—conceived PetalFox. “I love flowers. It was simple,” Kelly shares. “Why can’t I have flowers in my space everyday?” she thought.

It would be a way of embracing femininity in a male-dominant workplace. “It’s also a way to have something in my space that reminded me that I was taking care of myself. I would look down at my nails and be like, ‘Okay, you haven’t done anything with those.’”

5. Ou’ Girl - Those Petals 😍

Quick photo-grab of the most chic photography assist ever! Eliza was holding our bouquets as Kelly and Rhenee swapped a few around - it was too perfect not to capture!

Location #2 🏫

Time for a change! We snuck around to the other side of our office for some blue tones and different lighting. Lauren was amazing and captured it all! We had a blast trying to figure out props and being “natural” but not “too natural” - modeling is hard!

From the article:

Across from her office at Snapchat was a wonderful florist she frequented. “I used to walk into this place where they had flowers everyday, and I started thinking, ‘What was the friction point for me having flowers in my office or more often in my life?’ And it didn’t really have to do with price … it had to do with the different stigma around getting flowers in the workplace and the convenience of that happening.”

Thanks for following along! We appreciate all your support and love.

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