A visual guide to the trendiest colors and tones this 2019 Winter.

Each season brings a wave of renewed excitement. New colors, new styles, new inspiration. We find much joy in curating weekly floral arrangements that promise to represent the latest in color & variety trends. This means we are constantly combing through fashion, photography, beauty, interiors and art to identify what’s “next” and deliver our interpretation of that inspo to your door in a pretty parcel.

We’ve built the primary Petalfox palette on classic colors that provide a foundation for natural beauty to pop! We also like to a few risks with hues and hybrids from time to time. We love merging our classy roots with our passion to pioneer new trends.

This season we’re soaking in the mysterious blues, warm neutrals, passionate crimsons and emotional mauves. Drawing inspiration from what we feel, and confirming it with art, here is…

Petalfox Pallet Winter 2019

John Wang’s photo on Flicker inspired “Royal”

“Sky” inspired by Somewhere Divine’s “Living In A Snow Globe”

Samantha Oliver’s post on Pinterest inspired the “Pantone Burgundy”

“Cherry” inspired by this notebook pattern by the designer Jason Patel

Moodboard from Visual Bloom inspired “Ink”

“Sailor Blue” inspired by Lauren Wager’s mood board shared by Pantone

This textile design on Design Milk by the design Cassie Byrnes inspired “Blush”

“Grey” inspired by Elizabeth Suzan designs

This moody floral bouquet inspired “Soft”

“Mauve” inspired by the trendiest mood board 😍 (help us credit the artist!)

Light + Ladder HiBall vases inspired the “Peach”

“Blue” inspired by the Elowen set up by Anthropologie

The dazzling @marciemoonlight inspired the “Living Coral”

Late Winter colors to live by in the coming weeks.
The perfect transition for your 2019 self.
Try your hand at a mood board of your own! We would love to see what you create.

You can catch them all on Instagram as well. Make sure to follow us and share what you love!


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