Petal Painted Spring


Petal Painted Spring


Celebrate spring with us!  

Buckets filled with blooms will give your space a fresh coat of petals.


Spring is a wonderful time to remember the childlike urge to puddle jump, dig in the dirt and plant a garden.  When we found these terrarium style containers we were inspired to create a hands-on project with spring sprigs and twigs.  

Whether or not you have time to plant a little garden of your own, this fun project will bring you closer to Mother Nature.  

The result? A little garden for your desk!

(Minus the dirt *wink.)

DIY Flower Kit

If you're not local to LA or won't be able to join, you can order your own DIY kit in the Petalfox Shop and we'll send you a free instructional video to follow along!  This kit includes:

Petite Paint Bucket

Floral Foam

Paint brush to fluff and adjust petals delicately

Chop sticks for tricky placements


Find ideas on our DIY Pinterest Board for inspiration on how to repurpose these “OMG! How cute!” containers.

Wine & Design

Thanks to everyone that attended our Wine & Design this week!  We love what you've created!  Join us again!

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Shout Out!

Our Wine & Design partner is Nomadica - a #friendofpetalfox and RAD female founder, Emma Toshack.  

The Founding Story

Harvard MBA and a former-chef, Emma started Nomadica in 2016 after she left Snapchat. Everyone thought she was crazy. Proof she isn't? The first editions of Nomadica: really solid wines, beautiful cans, heaps of press coverage, and stocked in some great venues throughout LA.

Nomadica is the place Nomads go to sip wine before resuming their travels. It's a place of freedom and adventure. It's where you go after breaking the rules. It's where you're ok to do things differently. It's unpretentious. It's unconstrained. It's fun.

We work with friends to curate art for our special edition cans - putting the work of painters, illustrators, photographers, designers, street artists directly into people's hands..

The result is a series of limited edition beautiful cans, filled with serious wine, which you can take with you anywhere.

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