Flower Care


Our Petals 

What do I do when I receive my Petalfox shipment?
Your arrangement has been carefully handmade and packaged by our team.  

When you receive your shipment, unbox your hand-tied flowers.


Care instructions for your flowers:

You’ll can find care instructions inside the top flap of each Petalfox box. Visit www.petalfox.com/flower-care for detailed instructions on taking care of your blooms.  

We publish a flower care page for additional information on each bouquet. Subscribe to our blog for frequent tips on taking care of your arrangements and helping your flowers last as long as possible.  

What is the Petalfox Promise?

We love flowers! We also love their perfect imperfection.  Sometimes they surprise us with their hardiness and resilience, and other times they are terrifically temperamental and fragile.  We do our best to shepherd these beauties as they make their way from us to you. 

We are werkin’ to bring you crush-worthy blooms and a uniquely curated experience every week. If you’re for any reason unhappy with your flowers, please give us - Kelly & Rhenee, co-founders @ Petalfox - a chance to make it right!

Please text us with any concerns about your product!

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.