Chameleon Cold Brew




2 32oz bottles

Enjoy two bottles of our original concentrate, characterized by notes of coffee and cocoa. Our cold brew is roasted with hand-tailored Arabica beans and brewed low and slow for 16 hours in Texas Hill Country Water, providing almost 3X the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. One serving consists of 4 oz. of concentrate diluted with 4 oz. of water, dairy or your favorite liquid.

  • 2 pack of Black 32 oz cold-brew concentrate

  • 8 servings per bottle

  • Smooth, highly caffeinated and less acidic

  • 0 grams of sugar

  • Made from 100% organic, fair trade certified coffee

About the Founders

Neighbors and self-professed coffee geeks, were hell-bent on creating the best tasting cold-brew coffee available. (You see, cold-brew wasn’t really a thing back then.) After months of experimenting with different formulas and brewing methods, the pair finally found the perfect combination of brewing time and temperature, using a blend of highly select, meticulously air roasted, certified organic Arabica beans. What they ended up producing was the best coffee they had ever tasted— an intensely bold, super smooth cold-brew with a buzz as big as Texas. It was too good to keep to themselves. Something this delicious had to be shared with the world, and so…