Good Vibes Society

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Good Vibes Society


(4) Four Bottles, One of each flavor

Good Vibes Society is an environmentally-minded cold brew coffee company that works with sustainable and ethically-sourced goods.

They only source fair trade coffee beans to make sure their cold brew is produced to fair trade standards and to further support sustainable practices. All of their high-quality ingredients are sourced locally as is the production of their refreshing cold brew coffee in Los Angeles, California. 


Mindfulness is a smooth golden wonder spiced cold brew coffee with a hint of citrus.The flavor is as complex as it is aggressive, yet smooth. Add in the earthy, rich flavor of dark chocolate, thus creating some tantalizing vibes.


Get ready for a brave and unique flavor experience unlike any other. Outrageously refreshing with earthy, juicy, spicy and citrusy notes that are the perfect blend to supercharge your morning.Prepare to feel the good vibes that come along with being down to earth.


The combination of nutty warm herbs and the rich flavor of dark chocolate from Sumatra creates this killer cold brew. The powerful antioxidants and the immune boosting properties of reishi mushrooms transform this cold brew from an energy boosting treat to a health enhancing treat. Be grateful.


This majestically flavorful cold brew has its humble beginnings in the rich volcanic soils from the Sumatran and Torajan mountains. The infusion of ashwagandha root helps relieve your daily stress. The moringa leaf and the monk fruit protect you against free radicals. The result is a very smooth, bitter, yet slightly sweet earthy flavor, helping you stay humble.

About the Brand

Good Vibes Society Coffee was founded by L.A. creative, Agung Winboprasetyo, after leaving a corporate job at Disney to pursue his passion.

Good Vibes Society is an environmentally minded cold brew coffee company that works with sustainable and ethically sourced goods. Their goal is to spread good vibes: one cold brew coffee at a time.

As an independent craft brewer, they believe in conducting business responsibly by ensuring that we uphold high ethical standards through every step of production process. Leftover coffee grounds are repurposed as compost to provide nutrients and nourishment for plants of all kinds. Other ingredients are transformed into delicious energy snacks to provide nutrients and nourishment for humans.


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