Solutions Engineer & Giffy Master

Our #COO’s Magical Mind of Business and GIFs

We thought it was time to introduce the wizard behind all things Petalfox logistics, our #COO Rhenee Bartlett. Rhenee is a master of… pretty much everything. So, we snuck her away for a quick interview, to pick her brain and see her infamous GIFs.

“Do what you love” and “be the master of [my] own destiny.”

Those ideas have guided me throughout my journey and brought me here [to Petalfox.]
Petalfox is truly the amalgamation of these two vision statements.

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What’s passion, Anyway?

Our #CEO Kelly shares about the first steps in her journey

Before I started my company, I would spend an hour in the car every morning listening to the Gary V Audio Experience. I would pair this podcast with a daily flat white and it would fire me up just before I spent the rest of my day as a cog in the corporate wheel.

However, this daily experience left me with a residue of disappointment, angst and frustration because I came to realize that I was an entrepreneur, masquerading as a happy and compliant employee. And each day I felt less like myself as I listened and compared myself to all of the founders who had found a way to do what I [seemingly] could not.

And then something happened.

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The Petalfox Post (A Founders Blog)

These are my letters to you, with love.

Dear founder,

I love reading and listening to the stories of other founders. It excites me to empathize with the challenges they encountered before becoming a story worth featuring in print or recounting over podcast. While those recounts are a broad “looking back”, through the lens of present success I plan to document for you, the process of starting with nothing and becoming something.

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