Now you can get flowers over text message

Petalfox introduces a new way to shop for flowers

As many small companies start, Petalfox began with a big vision.  

Our dream is to make the things you love getting every day, more convenient. We launched in April 2018 by offering you flowers that are delivered on a regular schedule via a floral subscription. And now we are making it even easier to get and gift flowers every week.

”It’s ironic that Petalfox began as a subscription company because our personal subscription experiences have been less than stellar in the past. Subscription businesses were originally designed to save time and spark discovery for the customer. However, we’ve observed that this original intention has gotten lost along the way and instead has created post-purchase anxiety when it comes to canceling or managing a subscription plan. We are all busy and time is precious! So when we forget to skip or cancel, this means we end up with an unwanted charge and unwanted stuff.”

- Kelly Nyland CEO, Founder of Petalfox

Based on our own experiences, we’ve developed a new way to buy things you love on a regular basis, starting with flowers.  Here is what we believe the new Petalfox experience will accomplish.

  • Meet you in a place where you [still] pay attention to notifications and can quickly reply.

  • Start a conversation so you know you can reach out to a person who works at the company at anytime to review your product experience, get account details, etc.

  • Save you time in the purchase process by eliminating the need to log in, find a password, locate a credit card, manage an order, skip a delivery, etc.

  • Continue to eliminate the guesswork and foster floral discovery by curating new products every week.

Petalfox Petalfone _ Upsplash.JPG

In place of e-commerce, Petalfox is pioneering a whole new way to shop, buy and re-purchase over text message.  

We call this text commerce.

Here’s how it works:

See a weekly text

Petalfox eye.png

We curate a new flower arrangement, based on seasonal varieties and trends in fashion & decor, each week.

We’ll send you a quick text with a little moodboard of what we’re shipping for the following week. Then it’s up to you!

Buy bouquet credits

Petalfox emoji flowers.png

Buy bouquet credits in increments of one to one-hundred and save the more you buy! The first time you checkout, we’ll send you a quick mobile link.

All future orders can be made by texting us back “get” or “gift”. We keep your payment and address book in a secure online wallet to make bloom buying friction free.

Get or Gift anytime

Petalfox phone blurrp.png

Need flowers? Send us a quick text and we’ll send out one of your bouquets! Or wait to see what’s shipping via the weekly moodboard.

No order management or forgetting to skip 🙌.

We’ve learned what you like

Here are the things that haven’t changed.  We’ve learned what you’ve liked about Petalfox and are keeping these practices as we continue to build.

  • We curate a new flower arrangement, based on seasonal varieties and trends in fashion & decor, each week.

  • Flowers ship once a week on Mondays. Place your order by Sunday night and fresh flowers arrive early each week.

  • 🙌 We now ship to 8 states on the West Coast.

More questions? We think we’ve got all the answers.