Blank slate? Two tips on how to tap your inspo.

Building a company is more a creative process than it is anything else. So what do you do when you wake up to a world of possibility every day? You have a blank slate and now you need to find the inspiration and motivation to build, draw, paint, make something great.

Here’s how I start.

Find inspiration.

Get motivated.

Let’s unpack these words first:

Inspiration: the process of being mentally simulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  

Motivation: the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Conclusion: inspiration is a process of allowing yourself to become motivated.  I actively use two levers in my creative process to cultivate creativity. Two things - curiosity and space.



Instead of looking for inspiration, I lean into curiosity.

I am notoriously curious.  I love to craft better questions.  I spend a lot of my time with different people through, connecting in my network and discussing Petalfox. I openly present our current challenges to strangers in hopes their world view might unearth a new solution.

I find that most people love to solve other people’s problems. It is magically built into our DNA. When one person articulates a challenge, another human automatically starts trying to solve it - either mentally or verbally.  I love that we own that super-power. I try to harness it at every turn.

As a founder, it can be difficult to see yourself and your business with fresh eyes. Surrounding yourself regularly with other people can bring much needed perspective.

Rather than conjuring up motivation, I like to give myself more space.

I have learned that I can’t be creative without downtime.  I actively cultivate creativity by giving myself a blank canvas and few creative constraints. I believe in curating physical spaces - each with a different sacred purpose.  

I don’t sit in the same chair or at the same desk to write, as I do to work. I try to work with my hands when I’m not at my computer, so that my mind is free to engage in a different kind of work.  I also find that my mind works differently with a pen and paper than it does while typing on a keyboard.

I believe in granting yourself a mental void and curating a physical environment with the intent of preparing a mental state.  This fosters a concept of sacred spaces.  Try it!

Super best




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Dear Petalfoxes - If you had to choose, which are you currently working on? Creating space for inspiration, or pursuing motivation?
— Kelly