Ready to start? Musings to consider.

A simple idea. The ability to pair experience with expertise. A strong network. These are are a few of the elements you need to prepare yourself for your next project, side hustle or start-up.  

Here are a few good questions to contemplate as you get started.


💡How simple is your idea?

Is your idea stupid simple?  Is it simple enough to break through the noise of all the options?Complexity will kill any good idea. So start there.  Reduce your idea to it’s least common denominator.

The Petalfox idea was really simple; to make getting flowers easier. As an executive and working mom, easy = what’s convenient and opportune.  I appreciate when a brand takes the guesswork out of a decision and delivers the terms of having that experience to me at exactly the right time.

🔮 How unique is your idea?

Can your idea find a unique ‘space’ within your industry?  And what unique perspective do you have on solving the needs of your buyer that your industry is missing?

The company behind our custom tissue paper, NoIssueTissue, is a great example of how to build a business around a simple and unique idea. We love that within the entire industry of printing, this company has carved out a niche and done one thing well - custom tissue paper.  You simply upload your logo and they give you 10 ways to mix and match it in their configurator. Hit “print” and you’re done. This service is most likely offered by 10,000 printers in the United States, but NoIssueTissue has made the process of getting custom tissue fast, easy and convenient.

🎙 How easy is it to communicate your idea?

My dad would always say “Ideas are easy. It's the execution and story telling that matters.” He was right.

If you’re going to convince the world that you idea matters, you’ll need to be a able communicate your idea in a way that creates an instant connection with each audience type: customers, investors, partners, employees, teammates, co-founders, strangers, etc. These people people will vote for your idea with their time or money. This is how you can evaluate the quality of your idea and your ability to create a compelling narrative around it.

🛠 Is your idea uniquely tied to your ability and experience?

Why are you the best person/team to build this company?

You do not have to be an expert.  But you need the right skillz.

Rhenee & I have a combined 30+ years building products and experiences that only existed first on a whiteboard or the back of a napkin.  At Petalfox, not being floral industry experts is both our greatest advantage AND disadvantage. What we lack in industry experience we make up for in the strength of our network and our passion to listen and apply.

💪🏼 How strong is your network?

Our expertise is figuring out how to build what cannot be seen. And while we may not be experts at many things, we know how to find smart people with deep expertise.  We pride ourselves on asking better questions to arrive at better answers. We use inquisition to crack open the traditional ways of “doing.” We frequently ask “why” -  Why is it currently being done that way?

Your objective should be to find people that will give you honest - really really really honest feedback.


🤔 When will I be ready?

You know you’re ready, when you feel like you’ve been ready for a long time. It’s a feeling of momentum; of aged anticipation. Like a bubble you just have to pop.  

When you get this feeling, begin talking to the smartest people you know. Weigh guidance from people who have a proven track record of success with greater value than friends & family. Bolster your confidence and seek critical feedback. These conversations will show you where your blind spots and future hardships lurk. Do not let this deter you. Simply, prepare for these roadblocks in tandem with your idea.

Many times, it’s very likely that mentors have recognized this eventual leap for you and your career. When the the people you most respect and admire recognize your leadership, management and ideas -  this is a good indication that you are ready. Extract confidence from these conversations - you’ll need in the nights ahead.

😜 You can do this.

Petalfox flowers are endowed with our energy - our sparks.  Be it a new idea, a new job, or new hustle, we’re sending good vibes a daily reminder that you own your space.  We can’t wait to see what you do next.



✨ 🎶 The song I have on repeat this week 🎶 ✨

Dear Petalfoxes - If you’re feeling the energy to start something new, what is holding you back?

— Kelly