Solutions Engineer & Giffy Master

Do what you love.
Be the master of your own destiny.
These mantras have guided me throughout my journey and brought me here...
— Rhenee Bartlett


We thought it was time to introduce the wizard behind all things Petalfox logistics, our #COO Rhenee Bartlett. Rhenee is a master of… pretty much everything. So, we snuck her away for a quick interview, to pick her brain and see her infamous GIFs.


Rhenee is our master architect. Her skill set is much closer to that of a systems engineer than to any other previous career title she’s held. I am fascinated by her ability to patch our complicated ecosystem together in a way that makes our execution faster and nearly flawless. Rhenee is the practical and rational yin to my yang. Quite naturally, she doesn’t love to talk about her feelings; however, she has a wicked sense of humor. I’ve never met a person that can more clearly communicate how they feel via GIFs. I hope you’ll look forward to her writing and giffy “pairings” as much as I do!

-Kelly Nyland, Petalfox Founder


Rhenee has a passion for seeing the world!  She has visited every state, except Alaska (but it’s definitely on the list to see soon).  Rhenee has not only been to nearly every corner of the US, she has also traveled the world, exploring 16+ countries.  Even though she has seen the world, her hometown Pewaukee holds a special place in her heart.  A wonderful place to grow up, living in the country gave Rhenee the chance to spend much of her childhood adventuring and exploring outdoors.

Rhenee Bartlett COO Petalfox

For the past 20+ years, Rhenee has been producing epic events and experiential marketing campaigns for big brands including Pepsi and Mountain Dew, Budweiser, Cartoon Network, AT&T and Boston Beer.  Spending much of her career at agencies, she took a leap of faith to work brandside when a super secret offer came from Snapchat to develop the launch strategy for their first hardware product.  This is where she fortuitously met Kelly and got a taste of what it was like to build a brand from the ground up.   

Tell us about your experience co-creating Petalfox.

Rhenee: Two things come to mind:

“Do what you love” and “be the master of [my] own destiny.”

Those ideas have guided me throughout my journey and brought me here [to Petalfox.]
Petalfox is truly the amalgamation of these two vision statements.

Above all I am most passionate about working with Kelly to create an amazing experience.  She is not only a badass business partner but she my biggest cheerleader, I absolutely would never have made this leap without her.  She is the visionary and I am the architect (‘of dreams’ as she puts it), but I prefer wizard b/c I’m also really fast. Together we believe we can do anything… and we will, we are, and we can.

Creating a business from the ground up is obviously challenging. What motivates you?

Rhenee: I’m inspired by the endless number of things there are to figure out.  Most of the time you have no idea what you’re doing (accounting… what?) BUT, you just get in there and learn.  Sometimes you double count your revenue for a few months. (I don’t recommend it, but you learn.) You trip, fall all over yourself and want to go all “Office Space” on your computer at times. But again.. you figure it out.  (I trip in real life a lot too, so I’m used to it.)


Is “figuring it out” intuitive for you?

Rhenee: Well, I love figuring things out.
I am in luck, because building a company is the ultimate ‘figure it out’ challenge.  I’ve spent my career architecting experiences for brands that were born from hours of brainstorming. Someone painted a picture (well they photoshopped it), got a client really excited about, got the green light, and then handed me that paper with a paragraph or two of copy. At this point, they look at me and say “GO!” I would then figure out what sharpies, zip ties, trucks, trailers, confetti, people and places were part of the thousand steps to make that vision a reality.


What was something you couldn’t live without this week?!

Rhenee: Going to be basic here… PSL from Starbucks.  I think I had one every weekday. And yes, my order has MANY instructions.


What was something that surprised you this week?

Rhenee: Apple Airpods!!! I love all things Apple but have resisted them because I think they look ridiculous.  Kelly got me a pair and I’m thoroughly infatuated with them.
I’m just like everyone else now. Are we all #basic?


What was your favorite thing you’ve done this month?!

Rhenee: My self-care routine this week! It included saying yes to a last minute invite to a wellness retreat in Ojai, CA.  I’ve never been and it was so gorgeous and relaxing and fulfilling to be a part of.  My roommate would not take no for an answer and I’m so glad she was so pushy! It was a weekend full of yoga, goal setting workshops, new experiences (sound baths & rolfing… google them.)

Of course including delicious food and wine.  I highly suggest it! Here’s where we went:

Thanks for reading!
What was the best part of your week, Petalfoxes?