💪Founder Flex, but O.K. 💪


Back to work?

Do some deskscaping via text message with Petalfox.

Over the past year, we have improved our commerce experience to include frictionless checkout, entirely over text message. Petalfoxes can now window-shop with an emoji and check out with a keyword, making it easier and more addictive to treat yo’ self..

If you know our founder story, you’ll remember that our vision is to make it easier to the get things you love, more often. Starting with flowers. Our weekly curated bouquets are hand-tied in a size that makes it easy to set on a desk or in a personal workspace, so you can get your green fix while typing your latest email or blog post.

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How It Works:

  1. Each week, we curate a new product selections in fresh flowers, coffee, tea [and more categories coming!] based on seasonal trends.

  2. Text message subscribers receive a weekly photo of what’s shipping and then decide to get, gift or skip.

  3. A subscriber's first checkout is made through a secure online portal, creating a “frictionless” wallet to be used for all future purchases. Simply reply GET or GIFT.

  4. Flowers ship once a week on Mondays. Other products categories ship within 2-5 business days.

👀Look for lots of products 👀

And now Petalfox is expanding its product selections to help you celebrate your femininity in your workspace! Each product category is focused on replenishable items that cater to a day in your [work]life.

We’ve sourced the best products from up-and-coming instabrands, best-sellers, and founders with a special story or focus on conscious, local, female-lead and wellness. We’ll add new brands and products for you to discover each week.

Look for mini-reviews and notes about what we think is special for each product. And if you want to be a part of our remote curation team for trying & reviewing products, we’d love to hear from you via text message (text the Petalfox number) or email us at curate@petalfox.com

We did it!! Nationwide Shipping*

😫Lower 48: Sorry Alaska & Hawaii!

We’ve now expanded to include nearly the entire United States for flowers and each product* that we offer, including all lower 48 states (Alaska & Hawaii, we’re working on you!). You can now get and gift to your heart’s content, reaching all of your friends & family.

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We want to extend a warm thank you to all of the foxes and prospective customers that participated in customer surveys, giving us key insights into what you’re looking to buy over text message next!

We were thrilled to hear more from you on the ease, simplicity and convenience of buying over text message. You’ve been asking us what else you can buy through our platform, and we are so pleased to be offering more seasonal selections via text.


We announced last year that Petalfox joined the ranks of Silicon Valley Venture-backed companies, of which, only (13%) thirteen have female founders. Petalfox has now raised a second round of capital from current and new investment partners.


Founded by Kelly Nyland and Rhenee Bartlett, Petalfox is a text-commerce flower delivery company rethinking subscription services. Read: there’s no commitment, no forgetting to cancel and no order management. Petalfox curates unique products to career-focused females that value convenience and like to stay on trend. Subscribers decide to get, gift or skip. Entirely over text message.