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Purchase one bouquet for $40 or explore buying a bundle to use on demand.👇

🎁What’s in the box?

The weekly bouquet wrapped with paper & string, inspiration notecard and handwritten gift message.


We curate a new bouquet each week of the year! We have fun by delivering to your doorstep what’s trending on your social feed.

We also offer a few rotating single variety bouquets.

Check out our past floral recipes or visit our instagram story to see what our Petalfoxes share.

Text us 🌷anytime to see what’s shipping.

Flower varieties are chosen based on freshness, seasonal availability and may vary by week. Included are 10-15 arranged stems per order and bloom within 3-5 days.  Orders are wrapped in 100% compostable waxed paper and are shipped via post in a 100% recyclable sturdy cardboard box. We source directly from local Southern California farms.


We now deliver to both the East & West Coasts including Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Washington DC.

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Petalfox flowers ship once each week on Mondays. Orders placed by 11:59pm PST on Sunday will be sent the next day.


You can sign up for a text message to see what ships each week. We’ll send you a little message and an image of what’s shipping for that week. Simply REPLY get or GIFT.

The first time you checkout, we’ll send you a link to collect your billing & shipping information in a secure wallet. All future purchases can be made entirely over text message.


Gifting is easy peasy. You can gift via text message or checkout with your recipient’s name and shipping info. If you gift via text message, we’ll create your primary account with your billing & shipping info. Then, we’ll add your gift recipient to your guest profile for quick shipping on all future orders. So gift away!