Quick tips

Orders & Shipping

Here is a quick reference guide on what to expect after following your order confirmation.


Shipping & Delivery

Our weekly flower arrangements ship each Monday.

Order by Sunday of each week and your order will ship the following Monday.

Following your order, you'll receive an order confirmation email.  You can also log in to your account to access your delivery schedule, order status and tracking information.

Shipping Partner: We are currently shipping with GSO (Golden State Overnight) who provides next day shipping anywhere in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. 



It's Easy to Get, Gift or Skip

We make it easy to adjust your delivery schedule via your account:

1.  You arrangement automatically ships to the address on file.


2.  If you would like to gift an upcoming delivery on your schedule, log in to your account, add an address and chose which delivery to gift.

To Gift: >> Manage Subscriptions >> Subscriptions >> Edit (address).

Note: Please check to make sure you revert to your personal address for the following week or your flowers will continue to be gifted.


3.  If you need to skip your delivery for any reason, log in and skip at any time.

To Skip: >> Manage Subscriptions >> Subscriptions >> Delivery Schedule



You will be charged while placing your order during checkout. 

You will then be charged the Sunday prior to each Monday's delivery schedule, when you will receive a confirmation.

To update billing information, log in to your account.


Offices & Corporate Mailrooms

Routing a Petalfox package through a corporate mailroom may add a day or two to your delivery time.

Please alert your mailroom and advise them that you will be receiving a Petalfox floral delivery that contains live flowers.  We place a 'perishable' sticker on our boxes to alert mailrooms staff to perishable goods inside the package.  

If you work in Los Angeles and prefer a courier, please send us a note: hello@petalfox.com.


The Weekly Petalfox Moment

The weekly Petalfox Moment can be found each week in our shop.


For additional information please see our FAQs or email us at hello@petalfox.com.